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Local Independent Review Panel's Report

The Croydon Independent Local Review Panel was established by the Leader of the Council on 19 September 2011 to look into the causes of the civil disturbances, riots and looting that took place in Croydon on 8 August, 2011.

The Panel was asked to find out what happened in the run-up to the riots, on the night itself and in the aftermath, why it happened, and whether there were any lessons to be learnt.

During its review, the Panel received information from a wide range of sources. It received 196 written contributions from businesses, residents, Councillors, MPs and other people describing their experiences and views on the rioting.

The Panel held 16 public meetings in a range of locations across the Borough. During those meetings, the Panel spoke in depth with representatives from public agencies, local businesses, local residents, community leaders, youth groups, an expert on gang culture and individuals convicted of rioting on 8 August 2011.

Drawing on the information that it received, the Panel has made a number of recommendations to a variety of public agencies. Those recommendations, as well as a review of the events of 8 August 2011 are detailed within the report of the Local Independent Review Panel that can be downloaded from this page.

Report of the Local Independent Review Panel Adobe PDF document

The information collected by the review panel, and its findings and recommendations, has also been shared with the National Communities and Victims Panel, established by the Government to investigate the rioting nationally.

Panel shown in photo (L-R: Councillor Jan Buttinger, Pastor Damian Luke,
William Barnett QC, Councillor Sean Fitzsimons, Stella Okeahialam MBE)


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