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Park Lane, Taberner House

Built 1964-67

Taberner House, constructed for the Council administration during the period 1964-67, was designed by the architect H Thornley, with Allan Holt and Hugh Lea as Borough Engineers.

Named after Ernest Taberner, OBE, JP, who was Town Clerk from 1937 to 1963 it is built in the classic building style of the period.  The late-Victorian Town Hall had already begun to run out of space by the 1920s but the delay in implementing the 1935 civic competition meant that Council departments remained scattered around the town wherever they could be fitted.  By 1961 a new office scheme had been agreed but it soon became apparent that the new accommodation would have to service a larger London Borough of Croydon created by the London Government Act of 1963, which would incorporate Coulsdon and Purley District Council as well as the old County Borough of Croydon.

The 19-storey building has its elegant upper slab block narrowing towards both ends, a formal device which has been compared to the famous Pirelli Building of Milan.  The slab block has been widely vilified both on the grounds of taste and function since its narrow internal geometry was deemed inadequate to contemporary needs.

Taberner House - Daylight

Taberner House - Night time

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